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Dangerous Move: Jordan Chan throws his son, Jasper into the water

On 2nd April 2018, Cherrie Ying (應采兒) shared a short video clip about Jordan Chan (陳小春) throwing his 4 year old son, Jasper (陳胤捷) in the air before falling into the water on Weibo and Jordan was laughing happily. Many netizens praised Jasper was cute and obedient after shooting Chinese reality show, Where Are We Going, Dad 5 (爸爸去哪兒5). However, it frightened some netizens as they felt heart pain for Jasper yet amusing at the same time. Cherrie also left a message: “My dear father!” The netizens asked if she was the photographer and it was obvious that Jordan was overjoyed.

Although it looks dangerous, but Jasper is having a good time though. Subsequently, Jordan uploaded another video clip of himself in the water and throwing Jasper in the water again. When Jasper left the water, he bended his knee slightly and resembled a professional swimmer before getting into the water once again.

In addition, Taiwanese singer, Wang Zi (邱勝翊) posted photo of himself playing games with Jasper and left a message: “A stern mother disallows her son to play games and upload a video clip of us playing on a false front. But Jasper assumes it is real and I really feel heart pain for him.” It looks like Jordan and Cherie have their own ways to teach their son after all.

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