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Danny Chan and Ali Lee watch football together: We have the same interest

Jeffery Lai (黎學勤), Lam Yiu Sing (林耀聲), Wong Yat Ho (黃溢濠) and Louis Mok (莫竣名) played “money snatching” game at an event (全民星戰) produced by ViuTV, and hosted by Thor Lok (駱振偉), Jacky Jim (詹朗林) and Danny Chan (陳炳銓) on 27th May 2018. Yat Ho emerged as the final winner.

As the lowest scorer, Jeffery said: “I assume it is easier with big hands but it turn out that I am the worst. The money is flying around and it is embarrassing. (Is the money flying towards you in reality?) Nope. I am exercising now but film an online advertisement earlier though. (Releasing your own photo album?) I am wearing a vest during an interview. I am not as fit as Eddie Peng (彭宇晏) and let’s see how it goes later.”

When mentioned about discovered strolling with his girlfriend, Ali Lee (李佳芯) and the dog a few days ago, Danny said: “It is a normal and routine activity. (Try to spend more time together?) She is busier. Other than the work in ViuTV, I have my own production house and the rental is very steep. I am busy with moving place now.”

Reminding that the world cup was coming, Danny used to play football in the past and become an audience after his left leg was broken: “I watch the world cup and support the weaker people. (Watching together with Ali?) She watches it with her friends during her free time and hosts the world cup show before. We have the same interest and my friends are influenced by me as well.”

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