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Detective Investigation Files drama: Maggie Chan has second marriage and adopts an orphan girl

TVB is currently rebroadcasting Detective Investigation Files III (刑事偵緝檔案 III) drama at midnight and many new audiences watch as if it is new series despite filmed 21 years ago. The most interesting part is the familiar faces in the drama become missing people in showbiz as some venture in China. Maggie Chan (陳美琪) acts as Kenix Kwok’s (郭可盈) elder sister in the series and has new Chinese workpiece, Wonderful Life (美好生活) airing this year. Although she is 60 years old now, but there is not much differences when compared to her appearance 20 years ago and she is staying with her husband and foster daughter in Shanghai now.

In fact, the original Chinese name for Maggie is (陳文俊) and she graduated from the TVB acting class in 1970s. Her notable work is New Legend of Madame White Snake (新白娘子傳奇) as green snake, xiaoqing (青蛇小青) while Angie Chu (趙雅芝) acted as Ba Suzhen (白素貞). Maggie withdrew from showbiz after married to the successor (馬清偉) of Dah Sing Bank Limited (大新銀行) in 1979. However, Rosamund Kwan (關之琳) became their third party and then expecting Maggie had a miscarriage as a result. She then filed for divorce with her ex-husband in 1986.

Rosamund accepted an interview from the show, A Date with Luyu (魯豫有約) by Phoenix Television (鳳凰衛視) in 2017 and mentioning about the rumours with Maggie’s ex-husband, she said: “I am not the one who takes the initiative. (Any regrets towards your action?) Yes, slightly. I harm others and destroying people marriage is not my intention at all.” Subsequently, the media informed Maggie about Rosamund’s reply and she said: “Full of regrets? Not a very bad person after all.” Looks like Maggie’s simply response shows that she no longer takes it to heart after encountering ups and downs in her life.

Apparently, Maggie continued with her acting career and pursued her Master’s Degree in Business Management in Macau after resuming to her single status. She was married to a Chinese American husband (忻尚永) who owned a computer business and adopted an orphan girl, Lucia. Other than TVB drama, Detective Investigation Files, Maggie also filmed Untraceable Evidence (鑑證實錄), Healing Hands (妙手仁心) and her last workpiece was The Drive of Life (歲月風雲) in 2007. She is enjoying her marriage life and shooting drama at times. In addition, Maggie filmed Chinese drama, Love and Hatred of Snow (深宅雪) in 2015 and Wonderful Life in 2018. From the surface, she does not aged at all and it is believed that it will become a heated discussion if Maggie films TVB series again.

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