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Detective Investigations Files III drama: Timmy Ho rejects to renew contract and become a monk

TVB is currently rebroadcasting Detective Investigations Files III drama (刑事偵緝檔案III) at midnight and we get to see many familiar faces such as Timmy Ho (何寶生) who acted as Chin Sau Mong (程守望). If Jackie Lui (呂頌賢) is the best actor to portray as Ling Wu Chung (令狐沖) in State of Divinity (笑傲江湖) series, Timmy’s most notable role character will be Lam Ping Chi (林平之). He returned from Canada to Hong Kong and joined the acting classes in early 1990s. Timmy comes from a wealthy family and is heavily groomed by TVB since joining showbiz. but suddenly becomes a monk in 2005 and his whereabout remains mysterious.

Although Timmy had a few scenes in Detective Investigations Files III drama, but he hosted the show (娛樂新聞眼) and signed 5 years contract with the company. Subsequently, Timmy filmed The Romance of the White Hair Maiden (白髮魔女傳), Man of Wisdom II (金牙大狀II), The Legend of Master Chai (濟公) and State of Divinity series, and nobody can beat his eye expression when acting as Lam Ping Chi even until now. Also, he was considered to have multi talents as Timmy released some albums including (男女之間) and (仲夏情懷) and filmed movies.

However, good fortune do not last forever. Timmy was “frozen” with minor roles and cameo appearance upon rejecting to renew his contract. After shooting Till When Do Us Part (冤家宜結不宜解) drama in 1998, Timmy joined ATV and filmed some series such as (海瑞鬥嚴嵩) and (武狀元蘇燦), and it is a pity that he does not have any known roles.

In 2005, Timmy left showbiz and became a monk suddenly. As there was robbers in the temple, Timmy counterattacked them and his whereabout was exposed as a result. Because of this, he decided to leave the temple and tour around the world. There were people discovering Timmy appeared in a coach in New Zealand in 2010 while some saw him in Toronto. As for his good friends, they keep in contact via email and it is not easy to know his latest condition.

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