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Dickson Yu falls sick; Alvin Ng takes over his role in Assassin series

TVB actor, Dickson Yu collapsed while playing football and was admitted into Queen Mary hospital on 8th August 2018. He was in a grave danger condition and fell into a coma for 2 days. On 10th August 2018, Dickson’s mother announced he begun to regain conscious and could eat and chat on 12th August 2018. Subsequently on 14th August 2018, she revealed Dickson was transferred from ICU to cardiology ward.

Based on understanding, Dickson is forced to withdraw from new series, Assassin (殺手) and weekday show (救妻同學會) as he is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. The two role characters are replaced by 24 years old singer, Alvin Ng (伍富橋). The film producer, Joe Chan (陳維冠) of Assassin series confirmed it during an interview with HK01 (香港01): “We dote on Dickson and he must have plenty of rest. (Big impact?) He only makes a cameo appearance in one episode and there is lots of action scenes. It is not worth it if shooting one episode only. Is he unhappy?) He is very young and has many opportunities. We work together happily in My Ages Apart (誇世代) drama and I will definitely give him a chance when he has recovered.” As for Alvin, he was uncertain if he was replacing Dickson during an interview: “I have no idea and it is arranged by the company.”

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