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Dickson Yu has left ICU? A man gives a ball with encouraging words for cheering

TVB actor, Dickson Yu (余德丞) is currently receiving treatment at Queen Mary hospital and his mother has been visiting him for consecutive days. She revealed Dickson had woken up a few days ago and begun to chat, eat and recognise his family members on 12th August 2018. It made everyone felt relieved upon hearing that.

On 13th August 2018, Dickson’s mother had not appeared in the hospital. At 12.50pm, a man named Mr Wong (黃先生) carried a ball with full of encouraging words to visit Dickson at the hospital and explained he gave it on behalf of his boss. However, he did not go into ICU ward and give the ball to Dickson eventually after checking with the nurse. When asked about forbidden to enter and if Dickson was transferred to an ordinary ward, Mr Wong only replied the visiting hours could be over. Checking about Dickson’s condition, he responded that he was in good condition and left it to his family to reply.

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Dickson Yu remains in ICU ward; He can speak and eat

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