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Dickson Yu has woken up and his mother stays by his side

Dickson Yu (余德丞) fell into a coma when playing soccer and was admitted into a hospital a few days ago. He was in a dangerous condition and it made people worried about him. Finally, Dickson’s mother revealed that Dickson was out of danger and had woken up at night on 10th August 2018. His mother appeared relaxed when visiting Dickson at the hospital on 11th August 2018.

Although it was not within visiting hours, but Dickson’s mother arrived at 9.45am and held her hands together to say thank you to the reporters before entering into the ward. She then left with 2 relatives around 1pm and rejected to reveal the reason about his son admitted into the hospital.

When asked if Dickson had woken up and chatted to her, his mother remained silent and thanked the media for the concern. Checking when he could change into an ordinary ward, she only shake her head as response.

In addition, Dickson’s mother and relatives arrived again at the hospital at 4pm although the visiting hours begun at 6pm.

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