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Dickson Yu leaves ICU and transfers to cardiology ward

Dickson Yu (余德丞) fell into a coma while playing football a few days ago and was admitted into ICU at Queen Mary hospital. His mother told the media that Dickson had woken up and begun to eat, chat and recognise his family members.

On 14th August 2018, Dickson’s mother announced another good news to the reporters that Dickson had left ICU and his condition was stable: ‘Thank you to the doctors and nurses from Queen Mary hospital for taking care of Dickson all the way. He is in a stable condition and recovering gradually. He has left ICU yesterday and transferred to cardiology ward for continuous treatment. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

A few days ago, Dickson listened to the doctor’s advice for having plenty of rest and receiving treatment. He feels grateful upon receiving blessings and concerns from many friends and apologises for not able to respond until now. To the media, thank you for waiting at the hospital for many days and we appreciate it.

Since Dickson has left ICU, everyone no longer needs to wait at the hospital and can take a break. From now onward, we will update the latest news through TVB and his manager. Thank you again!”

In addition, the reporters discovered Dickson’s mother and a male friend appeared at block K, level 19 at 1.45pm on 14th August 2018. When asked about his condition, she replied that Dickson had left ICU. Checking when to discharge from the hospital, she said: “No idea.”

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