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Dickson Yu remains in ICU ward; He can speak and eat

TVB actor, Dickson Yu was admitted into ICU ward at the hospital and in a dangerous condition after playing soccer a few days ago. His mother revealed that Dickson begun to wake up on 10th August 2018 and it made everyone felt relieved.

On 12th August 2018, Dickson’s mother and two relatives arrived at the hospital before 12pm. Asking about when to transfer into an ordinary ward, she only shake her head and walked into the ward immediately. Checking if she was aware of Zee Lee’s (李雯希) apology to her in the public after walking out from the ward at 1.20pm, she nodded her head. When asked about Dickson’s condition again, she said happily: “He can speak now. Thank you for the concern. (Can he eat?) Yes.”

Subsequently, Dickson’s mother responded through his manager: “Thank you to the media and friends. He is currently in ICU ward and we feel grateful that he can chat and recognise his family members. Hopefully his condition will improve everyday and change into an ordinary ward. There is a long road to a full recovery and thank you for the concern. Will inform everybody if there is any updated news.”

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Dickson Yu has woken up and his mother stays by his side

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