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Does Angelababy looks the same with or without make-up?

There is a saying that I recognise you even without make-up and applying make-up means you have removed the make-up. It is called as disguise if I fail to recognise you after removing make-up. Angelababy (杨颖) is pointed for going through major transformations all the time as there is a drastic difference when compared to joining showbiz. Hence, she was forced to go for authentication tests for her forehead, double eyelids, chin, apple cheeks, nose, eyes and ears at Mainland Authorities Medical Institutions (內地權威醫療機構) in 2015 in order to prove her facial features were natural. Nevertheless, many ladies continue to go for plastic surgery and want to have the same looks as Yang Mi (楊冪) and Angelababy. However, have you ever wonder if you can recognise Angelababy without any make-up?

Lately, there is a video clip about Angelababy applying make-up from half of her natural face process circulating online. In the video, she does not apply eyeliner and her sexy lips is shown. The netizens left many negative comments but Angelababy’s fans believed she remained the same and beautiful even without make-up and her face only became radiant and fair. Some netizens with sharp eyes discovered that Angelababy had applied some make-up such as lip liner and concealer in the beginning and looked different when she had no make-up during Keep Running (奔跑吧) show.

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