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Eliza Sam does not feel envy of Leanne Li becoming a mother: I will work hard

Eliza Sam (岑麗香) is pointed to leave TVB due to baby plan earlier and it makes many male fans heartbroken.

As she is not pregnant yet, Eliza returns to Canada to enjoy her 2 months vacation and join Wong Cho Lam’s (王祖藍) company as an artiste. A few days ago, she filmed an advertisement for the first time after leaving TVB and wore shorts revealing her 42 inches of long legs , and looked beautiful under the sunlight. Although Eliza needed to reach the location shooting at 4am, but she remained energetic even until afternoon and said: “I shoot a skincare commercial this time based on happy price. It is different from filming series and many people are taking care of me. Despite the less dialogue, I must continue to look beautiful and memorise the dialogue for the commercial.”

As she was good friends with Leanne Li (李亞男) and became part of Cho Lam’s team, Eliza expressed there was enhanced flexibility when compared to the past: “I have more time to rest now as need to film series with a tight schedule and memorise the lengthy dialogues. It is easier to shoot advertisement and I can spend more time to make myself look beautiful. (Envy of Leanne who is becoming a mother?) Not envy but accompanying my friend to grow up. I feel very touched and blessed. We join showbiz at the same time and it does not matter that she becomes a mother first and I feel happy for her. (Put in more efforts to make baby?) It is pointless to rush it and depends on the god. I will continue to work hard and do not worry.”

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