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Eliza Sam leaves TVB and proceeds with her baby plan in Canada

33 years old Eliza Sam (岑麗香) won the 2010 Miss Chinese International Pageant and worked for TVB for 7 years. On 17th June 2018, she announced her departure from her maiden home and Ms Virginia Lok (樂易玲) replied to the media that Eliza decided to return to Canada and stay with her husband in order to have a baby a few days ago. In the same morning, Eliza shared a video clip of herself playing golf and we could hear her husband’s voice in the background. It is definitely a sweet moment for them.

In the same afternoon, Eliza responded to Apple Daily (蘋果) that she received many texts from the media and decided to reply all at once. She revealed she was staying in Canada now and neither expecting nor fighting for the female lead role: “My contract with TVB has expired in the past few days. I return to Canada to visit my family and enjoy a nice vacation, and have many wedding invitations too. I really want to thanks everybody for the concern and will return to Hong Kong after energising myself. Okay, good night!”

Subsequently, Eliza left a long message to express her gratitude towards the cast and crew teams and supports from her media friends and fans: “I am spending time with my family now and getting back in the best condition. I will continue to work hard after my vacation and see you again, love.”

Here is the full message content:

“I remember I join TVB after Ms Chinese International Pageant…… I cannot believe so many years have come and gone and that our contract is now finished. Words cannot fully express the gratitude, respect and appreciation that I have for my TVB family in my heart. I believe the god arranges many angels to help me for many years. Ms Lok, you have been protecting, teaching and guiding me all along as you do not want to see me ending up in the wrong direction. Nothing can express the gratitude I have for you, our mamabear. Thank you.

Ms Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍): You trusted me as an actress and gave me the opportunity for my drama career in acting. Thank you.

Ms Sandy Lam (余咏珊), you keep encouraging me to be myself and I will always remember it. Felix, I know you support every drama without fail and thank you for teaching me the definition of hardworking. To all colleagues: without your protection, patience, guidance, encouragement and teaching, the audiences will not know “fragrance princess” (香香公主) at all. Thank you for accompanying me to grow up together. As a proud TVB daughter, I carry a heart of missing everybody and forever thankfulness as I take the next step into the future.”

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33 years old Eliza Sam rejects to renew contract with TVB

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