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Eric Wan laments he becomes an extra when there is TVB artiste

Eric Wan (尹天照) used to be “A” class actor in ATV and gained fame in My Date with a Vampire (我和殭屍有個約會) drama. Years ago, he chose to withdraw from showbiz and take care of his wife when she was diagnosed with leukemia.

Eric accepted an interview at (是敢的) show by Fantastic TV (奇妙電視) a few days ago: “I used to do my part well because of the work and my wife and I feel suffering after some time. I believe I cannot overcome obstacles if I do not believe in god and family is the most important.”

Eric joined showbiz for 35 years and was reminded of the acting classes in ATV at the time: “Ken Lok (駱達華), Berg Ng (吳廷燁) and I love to play around, throw stools and chase after one another. Once, I chase after them in the toilet and tell them to come out by knocking on the door. I realise I knock on the principal’s door and almost expel from the school.” Fortunately, the principal was lenient to Eric and it made him turn over a new leaf after that.

Eric believed he was lucky and many people were there to help him all the way. One of them was the film producer (梁天) who approached him to act as male lead before graduating from the acting class. However, it was a fierce competition and Eric was treated unfairly at that point: “I become an extra when there is TVB artiste around and feel it is very unfair, but it motivates me to act better.”

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