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Etta Ng is missing? Elaine Ng lodges a police report

The relationship between the mother, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) and her daughter, Etta Ng (卓林) is in an unstable condition in recent years. On 25th April 2018, a news reported that Etta went missing lately and resigned from her photography job. Elaine tried to contact Etta for several months but remained unreachable. As Etta did not update her Instagram account and offline on Whatsapp for several months, Elaine lodged a police report and replied to the reporters from Ming Pao (明報): “Sorry. Please stop saying it and thank you.”

In fact, they have many arguments and need to involve the police as well. In 2017, Elaine and Etta had a heated argument because of her friend and she withdrew from school eventually. Etta then found a job and cohabited with her foreign friend, Andi in North Point.

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