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Even BTS Jin’s Nexon MapleStory Director Is Whipped For Him

No one is exempt from BTS Jin‘s charms! Not even his bosses.

Bang Si Hyuk (left) and Jin (right). | Weverse

Now, Jin has started a new job working at Nexon‘s MapleStory, his favorite game. He recently teased the news on Instagram. So, of course, he is charming his new co-workers, including superiors!

Jin began his first day with confidence, as expected from Worldwide Handsome!

| MapleStory_KR/YouTube 

Sure enough, Jin charmed his way through the interview as he explained how MapleStory had touched him. And when he revealed his desired salary from Nexon cash, it was a done deal, and he was offered the job.

| MapleStory_KR/YouTube 

So, Jin started right away and was soon introduced to his new co-workers. He was able to break down walls of hierarchy by bringing up gaming levels, too.

| MapleStory_KR/YouTube 

Jin was truly a successful fan as he was welcomed with not only business cards but a “welcome kit,” a.k.a. a goodie bag, including MapleStory merch!

| MapleStory_KR/YouTube 

One of the interviewers, Director Kim Changsub, became Jin’s new mentor. Before Jin began his first work assignment, Director Kim Changsub encouraged Jin to open his welcome kit.

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Director Kim Changsub: Please open the welcome kit.

Jin: I sometimes do unboxing on “V app” or “O Tube.” Can I do it here?

Director Kim Changsub: Sure, go ahead.

Jin asked him if it would be okay to film a brief unboxing video, which Director Kim Changsub approved. As soon as Jin began, the director’s face lit up.

| MapleStory_KR/YouTube via @prodK0YA/Twitter

This is the pouch that I decorated at home.

— Jin

Director Kim Changsub couldn’t help but grin the entire time as Jin excitedly unboxed the welcome kit like a kid on Christmas morning!

| MapleStory_KR/YouTube via @prodK0YA/Twitter

If he wasn’t already, Director Kim Changsub definitely became Jin-biased that day. The man is whipped, and we can’t blame him!

| MapleStory_KR/YouTube via @prodK0YA/Twitter

Director Kim Changsub isn’t the only one at the company who has fallen for Jin’s charms. Read more below.

BTS’s Jin Is So Charming At His New Job That Any Workplace Hierarchy Went Out Of The Window

Watch the full video below.

Source: MapleStory_KR


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