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Expecting Linda Chung’s growing stomach suddenly “disappears”

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) was dressed in a black dress at an opening ceremony for a watch boutique, Daniel Wellington as the guest at Mong Kok on 28th April 2018 and remained in a fit body figure. She praised her baby was good at making her happy and beautiful: “It is very pointy 2 weeks ago and my pants is very tight too. But my baby knows what to do and my stomach becomes flat before attending the events. My baby is very obedient and does not kick me but becomes very active at night time. He/ she even “scratches” me and some say the baby sleeping pattern is opposite from an adult. It is amusing though.”

As Linda will be expecting for 6 months after a week, she did not find it suffering and felt heart pain for her husband who was taking care of their daughter, Kelly in Canada. Linda also exposed some amusing incidents happened to her hubby: “He takes care of her for 3 days and my family member look after her in the remaining days every week. My daughter walks away upon seeing my hubby is trying to change the diaper for her and he feels he has put in his full efforts and cherishes my presence at home. It makes me feel sweet and I hope to return home soon after finishing my work. (Worried about overcrowded at this event?) I love working in city and it is usually quiet when facing Kelly. I will be returning to Canada in a week time and trying my best to meet up with my friends and fans now. After this trip, I should come back again after 10 months.”

Linda expressed she might not attend her good friend, Christine Kuo’s (苟芸慧) wedding and believed it will be a fairy tale wedding. When asked if she allowed Kelly to act as a flower girl, Linda was worried about her messing around and forgot to bow as she would kept dancing when listening to music.

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