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Fala Chen makes a comeback to showbiz and signs contract with US company

Fala Chen (陳法拉) completed her Master’s Degree in acting within 4 years in New York and shared photos of her graduation ceremony on Facebook a few days ago. It turns out that she has signed contract with a renowned US company, United Talent Agency which produces the movie queen, Frances Mcdormand (法蘭絲麥杜文) and stylish actress, Tilda Swinton (法蘭絲麥杜文).

Fala is making a comeback to showbiz after completing her studies and in a recent interview in a female magazine, she realised she could not learn about acting skills when studying for the past few years but could improve her acting skills though. Fala was a stubborn person in the past and learned to slow down her learning pace now.

Fala also hoped to stay with the US company for a long time and do not mind filming series and movies depending on the script. Anyway, there is less restrictions in US showbiz and it increases the opportunities for Asian actresses to film movies now.

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