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Francis Ng’s son, Feynman is fat? Julian Cheung points his son, Morton is too skinny

Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Julian Cheung (張智霖) have been working together in recent years and acted as Hong Kong and Malaysian cops in new film, The Leaker (洩密者們). When mentioned about both of their sons, Feynman and Morton, they planned to arrange them to play games together during the holidays so that they could become friends. Julian said: “We can go for swimming but my son dares not remove his top as he is too skinny and weighs 60 pound at 11 years old.”

Francis made fun of his 9 years old son as well: “Same goes for my son as he is too fat and loves to eat. Although Feynman is 2 years younger than Morton, but he should weigh 100 pound now. Once he wants to buy a swimming costume, the salesperson mistakes him as a girl and chooses a bikini for him. He feels unhappy and walks away as a result.”

Asking if he allowed his son to join showbiz, Francis did not mind it and it allowed him to understand that earning money was not easy: “But he has examinations and is fat without any acting skills. He knows being an Internet celebrity can earn lots of money and I am worry that he will leak out my information.” As for Morton, Julian replied he had no interest to become a celebrity and aspired to become a professional sportsman playing skateboard.

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