Fred Cheng’s fan holds his hand tightly; Security steps in to stop

Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) completed his second round of concert in North America on 28th March based on America’s time zone. Mentioning about holding his concert in New York, Fred said happily: “It is different from holding the concert in Vancouver earlier as there is a closer distance between my fans and myself and the local team is fantastic. It touches me greatly when I was rehearsing the first song and it turns out that several are graduates from Berklee College of Music. It is my honour to work with them.”

To Fred, the most unforgettable memory was leaving the stage and holding hands with his fans. The security started to get worried as they were very passionate but they were actually refined. Hence, the security escorted him back to the stage upon walking halfway. Fred added that he will be resting for a few days before holding his concert in Hong Kong in end March: “Thank you for the invitation from the committee and it is very meaningful when I get to work with Hong Kong team in a live band performance and promote Hong Kong songs as well.”

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