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Gillian Chung admits her character is unsuitable to work in showbiz

Gillian Chung (鍾欣潼) discussed about her life experiences during an interview at a Chinese variety show (舉杯呵呵喝) earlier. She believed living in a single parent family made her clueless at making friends and determining her character which was unsuitable to work in showbiz: “I am poor in expressing myself and my character is unsuitable to work in showbiz. I join this line in order to support my family.”

Gillian was reminded of staying in different houses and changed 7 schools from kindergarten to primary school. She did not have any friends and resist to make friends as a result: “I have more female than male friends and it makes me feel very embarrassed when talking to guys upon joining showbiz.”

Gillian hoped to have another beginning if the time could go back to 20 years ago: “I have no childhood memory at all and hope to have a happy childhood.” She also wished to become a mother and give a happy childhood to her child.

As Gillian had hectic work schedules, she regretted about spending less time with her family. When mentioned about her beloved grandfather, Gillian said with wet eyes: “He goes to see a doctor alone and keep silent when knock down by a car. I feel very sad and regret about spending less time with him. (You are pointed to have a low EQ yet beautiful?) So what if I have a low EQ? I am showing my true character only. Many people remark I am silly and it does not matter. This is the way I am.”

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