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Godfrey Gao Prefers Older and Experienced Women

Godfrey Gao (高以翔) is the epitome of a perfect man. Tall, handsome, athletic, and hard-working, it is surprising to know that the model-turned-actor is still single. The 30-year-old admitted that he wants to get married and start a family soon, but love cannot be imposed. He will patiently wait for the right one to turn up.

Godfrey Learns Korean

The 30-year-old, who grew up in Vancouver, Canada, struggled with his Mandarin when he first started his acting career in Taiwan. He had to spend extra time learning how to read his script and perfect his pronunciation. Now that he has finally mastered the language well, Godfrey has to start all over again with a new language – Korean.

In the upcoming Chinese film Wedding Bible <婚禮日記>, which is directed by South Korean director Heo In Moo, Godfrey is paried with South Korean actress Yoo In Na. Godfrey had to learn how to speak in Korean for the film. “I spent every day with my translator, and in the end, I learned how to speak some simple Korean.”

Godfrey said Taiwanese and Korean dramas are quite similar. “Both tell stories that are exaggerated and funny. The only difference is that Korean dramas are usually more elegant while Taiwanese dramas are more romantic.”

Typecast in playing wealthy, educated, and handsome roles, Godfrey expressed that he wants to have an opportunity to play a character that is completely different from himself. “I really want to play a villain, or someone who has mental problems. The least like myself, the better.”

Standing at 6 feet 3 inches, Godfrey said he would also like to collaborate with someone who is more like his size. “That’s because [my tall height] makes me look like the strange one on set, and that stresses me a bit. With the big height difference, [I’m sure that] hugging the female lead would give her a sense of security, but I do want to occasionally hug a girl who is about 6 feet one inch. Maybe we would have a different feeling there.”

Hopes to Find a Girlfriend

As a model, Godfrey is extremely well-informed about skincare and fashion. Godfrey confessed that he has always been very aware of his appearance since youth. “My mother was Miss Malaysia, and my father was also very fashionable. He would wear a different suit to work every day. They influenced me a lot. Even my clothes were from luxury brands. When I got older, I learned how to take care of my skin. Actually, skincare for men is really simple; just wash your face and use moisturizer every morning and night to keep the skin tight. Eat more vegetables and less meat.”

When not at work, Godfrey would be at home cooking with friends. “My cooking is not bad. I can cook spaghetti, fish, chicken, and more. When I studied in Canada, I baked a chocolate cake for my girlfriend at the time. Those who tried my cooking said I can give up my entertainment career and become a full-time chef.”

Though currently single, Godfrey confessed that he would like to have a girlfriend soon. “When I was still in high school, I thought the best time to get married is 30. Now I’m already 30. Obviously, that plan has to be postponed. I like kids, and I really want to be like my elder brother and have a son and daughter.”

Godfrey thought about dating someone who is from the industry, as a fellow entertainer would understand how the industry works. Age and height are not concerns for him, but Godfrey wants to date someone older. “She would be more mature and experienced. If she turns out to be younger than me, as long as our minds are alike, then I will be happy.”

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