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Grace Chan’s husband, Kevin Cheng kneels down in the flight to propose marriage

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) wore a red dress to attend an event alone at night on 17th August 2018. She was ready to resume her work but unused to people calling her as Mrs Cheng: “Feel happy when people call me as Mrs Cheng though. My husband, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) usually calls me as Grace and he tends to call me as Mrs Cheng sometimes. So I call him as Mr Cheng in return and feel very touched yet having goosebumps when I call him as hubby.”

When mentioned about staying in a hotel upon returning to Hong Kong, Grace explained they planned to have a good rest with people taking care of them before living in their own house. When asked about preparing to have baby without safety precaution since both had established consensus, Grace said: “It is embarrassing and I do not know how to answer.” Mentioning about not inviting her good friends to her wedding, Grace replied it was a small scale wedding and they only invited around 40 people in total. She planned to have a dinner celebration with them after that: “They understand it and I owe them a meal. They pick the venue and I pay the bill.”

Reminding about her husband’s marriage proposal, Grace revealed it happened on the way to Canada in last December. Kevin kneel down on the floor with a ring while every passenger was getting ready to sleep: “It is a long haul flight and we are preparing to sleep. He tells me to wait for him and sleep together after going to the toilet. He kneel down immediately upon returning and it is very sweet. I feel very touched until my eyes are wet. He usually talks about anything and it is unexpected that he gives me a big surprise. I can see he puts in lots of efforts.”

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