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Grace Chan’s stomach is slightly bigger during the wedding in Bali

Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) are married in Bali on 12th August and suspected to have double happiness. Although she has been denying it, but the bridal photos taken on 11th August 2018 only showed her half body and the wedding gown could cover her stomach completely. However when Grace wore the “qun gua” (裙褂) and kneeled down for tea ceremony in the morning on 12th August 2018, it was obvious that her stomach was slightly bigger.

Grace said: “Before the tea ceremony this morning, I feel worried as clueless about the procedures. They told me it was best to stay in that room as Kevin must take his bride away upon entering, Perhaps it is slightly hard for him and he needs to give some sincerity. I feel very nervous upon seeing him standing outside the door and it is funny to see that nobody helps him and demands to witness his sincerity. Why not tell him to sing a song for me? At this point, I recall one of the songs (一千個願意) in his album and he sings once during a karaoke session. It talks about the appearance of an angel and I feel it is extremely sweet. He knows my intention and singing two sentences already represents his sincerity. I also feel it is very touching and full of warmth when seeing our parents and my elder sister during the tea ceremony. I love the traditional custom and feel I am part of the family after that.”

Grace also thanked and felt grateful to everyone applying leave and attending her wedding: “I tell Kevin to go to the church earlier today as he does not see me wearing this wedding gown before. I take a deep breath before walking into the church with my father and feel nervous, fast heart beat and butterflies in my stomach when Kevin lifts my wedding veil. Every guest gets up to welcome us and my dream has finally come true. I keep looking at Kevin and cannot stop my tears in the end and he ends up with some tears as well. It is surprising that he has tears earlier than me and we need to use tissues to wipe away. It is a realistic feeling and I feel overjoyed to have a very good husband who dotes on me very much. I look forward to receiving the happiness and feel happy at this point despite maintaining a marriage is not easy.”

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