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Hacken Lee and Jessica Hsuan film series together? He does not want to affect others

On 25th April 2018, Hacken Lee (李克勤) acted as the guest host for When I was Young I Listen to the Radio (口水多過浪花)  show and invited Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) as the guest. They were neighbours and became good friends, and organised a food fair every month.

When mentioned about Jessica failed to become TV Queen, Hacken said: “Really feel unfair for her and I will help her if within my ability. I help her long ago and it does not matter since she got it before.” Jessica said: “I can get it again and everyone wants to have more.” Asking if they will be filming drama together, Hacken said: “I do not want to affect others and let me film one movie first. As for drama, it is better not to as I am getting old.” Jessica revealed Hacken was well-known in TVB and everything could be flexible in his case. He said: “God son is still one stage below than real son.” Jessica said: “A real son has to discuss. You can try to build up your relationship but not too close though.”

Reminding that Leon Lai (黎明) was becoming a father, Hacken said: “Congratulations! It happens to me before and I understand how he feels.” Jessica said she discussed with her first love: “He tells me children are magic.” He said: “Wow, you still get in touch with your first love? My first girlfriend is my wife and I have one lover only so as to have less problems. ( Leon is pointed as traitor?) I dare not comment and please talk about happy stuff.”

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