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Hans Zhang and Janine Chang’s Romantic “London Eye” Kiss Attracts Attention

A success in the making, Chinese television drama Here to Heart <温暖的弦> has already broken through 2 billion views online. The romantic drama stars Hans Zhang (张翰) and Janine Chang (张钧甯) as two former lovers who make their way back to each other during a trip to London. Here to Heart is Hans and Janine’s third collaboration.

After splitting with her first love Zhan Nanxuan (Hans), Wen Nuan (Janine) leaves for England. Seven years later, she returns home to become Nanxuan’s executive assistant, hoping to rekindle their lost love.

During their trip back to England, Wen Nuan and Nanxuan visit the London Eye and reminisce about their past. Nanxuan pulls out a pair of earrings as gives it to Wen Nuan, saying, “I think these really suit the outfit you’re wearing.”

When Nanxuan asks about her life in England during the seven years, she told him, “There are some things that would be better if you forget about them. You can only start over if you forget.” Heartbroken, Nanxuan asks, “So, from the first day we met, to the first day we started dating, to the first day we kissed, and to every day after that, you have forgotten them all.” In tears, Wen Nuan shakes her head and said, “I haven’t forgotten.”

“This is too sweet! Too much!” said one netizen. “I’m having too many feels from this CP,” said another. “Hans Zhang is so handsome!”

Here to Heart currently airs on Hunan TV.


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