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Hans Zhang, Janine Chang Share Hot Kisses in “Here to Heart”

Reuniting three years after filming The Four <少年四大名捕>, Hans Zhang (張翰) and Janine Chang (張鈞甯) work together again in new Mainland series, Here to Heart <溫暖的弦>.

Slated to premiere on April 29, Here to Heart shares a story of 2 ex-lovers from England who broke up several years ago because of disapproval from both sides of their families. Despite still being in love with each other after all these years, their relationship is laden with many obstacles. Meeting again on the business battlefields, Hans has become ruthless and calculating after being betrayed.

The trailer also shows Hans and Janine taking on many heated scenes, including an intimate bed scene. Janine was seen breaking down during an emotional scene when she confessed her love to Hans. In the short scene, she cried, “I’ll never regret loving you in my life!”

Hoping to give more convincing performances, it was revealed that Hans and Janine sat down and thoroughly discussed how they should tackle their roles. Hans especially put thought into his character’s look and bought his own glasses.

“Here to Heart” Trailer

Source: Ettoday

The actress is accused of having a pro-Taiwan independence sentiment.

Premiering on June 22, the triad romance sees Ren Jialun as an undercover cop who finds himself attracted to Janine Chang, the daughter of a drug lord.

According to Zheng Shuang’s colleagues, she has communication problems and lives in her own world.

Taiwanese artistes Ella Chen and Janine Chang eat three balanced meals a day while following their weight loss regime.

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The couple started dating after collaborating in 2009’s “Meteor Shower.” They broke up in 2014.

Some friendships just fizzle out over time.

Roy Chiu and Janine Chang get really intimate on the set of “Detective Chinatown”, which is currently airing.

The stars appeared awkward with each other since Roy made his pursuit of Janine public.

The web drama adaptation of “Detective Chinatown” stars Roy Chiu and Janine Chang, and is set during the events of “Detective Chinatown 2.”

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