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Hawick Lau clarifies having tears does not mean sadness

Hawick Lau (劉愷威) will be singing a song (講不出聲) with Susanna Kwan (關菊英) during the concert in Hong Kong Coliseum on 2nd July 2018. He felt he begun to have the luck of a singer as Hawick was invited to Leo Ku’s (古巨基) concert and participated a Chinese reality show, Crossover Singer 3 (跨界歌王3) earlier. When mentioned about having tears upon talking about his daughter during Crossover Singer 3 show, Hawick said: “Nope. Every parent think of this way when thinking about their children and it is a very emotional show, but I feel happy overall. (Let your daughter to watch the show?) She is too small but will let her watch my singing part and she loves singing performance. (Develop her talent?) Let nature take its course. (Feels emotional when seeing your daughter rarely?) Nope. I am in Hong Kong now frequently and we get to see each other. Crying does not mean sad but feel touched and grateful.”

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