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Here Are 12 Relatable Fan Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s “Time Difference” Concept Film

BTS‘s Jungkook just released the Me, Myself, ​and Jung Kook “Time Difference” Concept Film and ARMY are freaking out! Check out some of the most relatable reactions to the video below.

1. Everyone needs to watch this translation at least twice.

2. He’s the true definition of perfection!

3. That moment when you see “Artist & Creator: Jung Kook”

4. Vampire Jungkook and Wolf Jin? We’re sold.

5. Jungkook and V belong in Victorian-inspired clothes.

6. Ready to get bitten by Vampire Jungkook.

7. BRB, going to the art museum.

8. With gorgeous looks like this, it’s hard not to call him a visual king.

9. It just can’t be helped.

10. ARMY theories never disappoint!

11. Nobody does duality like Jungkook!

12. Day mode or night mode?

Watch the full video below!

BTS’s Jungkook Drops Me, Myself, ​and Jung Kook “Time Difference” Concept Film



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