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Here’s How Terrified The BTS Members Are To Make A Mistake In Front Of “Jung Team Leader” J-Hope

BTS‘s J-Hope is known as “Jung Team Leader” by his fellow members due to his leader role in the practice room. When it comes to putting in long hours of hard work and perfecting performances, J-Hope always leads his team to the best of his abilities!

However, he gets more serious than anyone when it’s time to focus and is very strict with the members. This makes him quite intimidating — and nobody wants to mess up, especially when J-Hope catches the mistake.

During a recent episode of Run BTS!, the members were in charge of recreating this scary scenario of their mishap being caught by J-Hope.

Showing off which scared expression they would have, the members were completely in sync!

RM, Jungkook, and Suga knew the exact “pursed lips” expression that all of them immediately do…

…and as expected, everyone got it right!

They share that it’s definitely happened to all of them before, so it’s a relatable experience.

Jin‘s “scared puppy” face emerges the moment he messes up and locks eyes with J-Hope…

…and the same goes for V.

Even when J-Hope is behind him, he can’t help but turn around and look at him to gauge his reaction.

Whether they look at J-Hope or he falls into their line of sight (like Jimin suggests), they just can’t escape their fate!

Don’t expect him to go easy on you if it’s in the middle of a show, either!

He remembers our mistakes so well, too. Most people would forget, but he comes right after the performance and goes, ‘Hey, you messed up there, didn’t you?’

— Jin

You can always count on J-Hope to see every tiny mistake the members make — and remember them, too!



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