How to stop black market group? Kelly Chen suggests wearing armour suit to buy ticket

Black market for the tickets has become the “king” lately. For example: Mayday (五月天) ‘s concert and comedy films starring Dayo Wong (黃子華). Many citizens complain about the difficulties to buy concert tickets and the public suggest to impose a real name registration system.

Singing diva, Kelly Chen (陳慧琳) held her last concert in 2015 and was present at an exhibition at night on 28th March 2018 . Asking about her feedback for imposing real name registration system, Kelly said: “What happens if a person wants to buy 20 tickets? You can only buy it after matching the identity and it is more troublesome. The most frightening part is the seats become “fortunate” if they buy it and nobody turns up. It is better to wear armour suit when queuing up for tickets as you may be beaten up by the black market group. You do not need to queue up that early as there will be tickets for good seats. But what should we do if we are not fans? (Receive any complaints for failing to buy tickets previously?) Yes. (Due to black market?) I cannot remember it.”

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