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Is Linda Chung expecting a baby boy?

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) announced her third pregnancy news in this April. She uploaded a new video online and disclosed that her baby will be born in a few months time. Linda said: “My belly is growing bigger and I look forward to meeting my child. It is a destiny that I have another baby and I believe the god trusts our capability to take care of an additional family member.”

She continued: “The baby gender does not matter but I am very curious about it as I could prepare the clothes and accessories beforehand. Have a guess if I am expecting a baby boy or girl this time? If your skin remains good and radiant without any spots, you are most likely to be expecting a baby boy. If expecting a baby girl, you find that you cannot control your mood and crave for sweet food. Right now, I feel quite happy everyday and do not feel like eating sweet food. Anyway, the baby gender does not matter as staying healthy is the most important.”

Finally, Linda tossed a coin to guess the baby gender and it hinted boy twice. She said: “I kept most of my eldest daughter, Kelly’s clothes but gave away my son, Jared’s clothes to my friends. It does not matter as I can go for shopping. Let’s wait for the god’s arrangement.”


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