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Is Wayne Lai leaving or renewing his contract with TVB?

Wayne Lai’s (黎耀祥) contract with TVB is expiring in May 2018 and is rumoured to leave TVB and develop his career in China. As for another “A” class actor, Moses Chan (陳豪), he expressed his intention to leave as well.

Ever wonder if Wayne and Moses make their decisions yet? During an interview at the show (1圈圈—星光背後) hosted by (梁泰), Wayne admitted to many Chinese companies approaching him to work in China and the reason for considering to accept the challenge is because of his son, Lai Ching Kiu (黎正橋).

Wayne said: “There is no turning back once the child has grown up and we have no ways to chase him back, as he has his different thinking, request and relationship. I can earn back the money again but it is impossible to earn all the money. When a child has grown up, it means he has grown up and may not miss you when he is 20 years old.”

Wayne felt fortunate that he builded up his relationship with his son well when he was little and could leave him in overseas: “He is clingy to me even at 21 years old. The result of this outcome is all because of my past sacrifices and building up the relationship, and money cannot buy this at all. Although many parents always said they work hard because of the family and lack of time to accompany their children, but we still need to spend some time with them and build up the relationship for the sake of our family.”

As for the contract with TVB, Wayne revealed he might considered the renewal as TVB gave him an irresistible condition during the negotiation: “It allows me to film 1 series per year with flexible schedule. I get to choose the script, theme and role character which makes me hard to resist.” He also confessed there was a high chance that he might venture into China: “It is the right timing as my son is studying in US and my contract with TVB is expiring.”

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