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ITZY’s Ryujin Once Accidentally Went Into Another Idol’s Van

K-Pop idols regularly visit salons to get their hair and makeup styled before they go to work. According to (G)I-DLE‘s Yuqi, when a group is promoting their comeback, they could be at the salon as early as 1 A.M. the morning of a broadcast.


And, of course, many idols frequent the same salons, so they get to run into each other and make new friends. Like when SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi shocked TREASURE with his unexpected greeting.


While ITZY was stretching before one of their grueling dance practices, Ryujin entertained her members by talking about how she went into another idol’s van by mistake.

Ryujin: I came out of the salon today and saw a van parked right in front.

Yuna: Don’t tell me you got in a different van.

ITZY | ITZY/YouTube 

The van was familiar since the idol using it was also from JYP Entertainment, so Ryujin accidentally got in, mistaking it for her own.

Ryujin: So I got in. And I looked around, there was the cake from TWICE in front, and…

| ITZY/YouTube 

Despite the signs that it wasn’t her van, Ryujin didn’t realize she had made a mistake…

Ryujin: I just thought, “Oh, they got that.” There was also gimbap.

Lia: Why didn’t you eat it?

Ryujin:They must’ve been eating it” I thought.

| ITZY/YouTube 

Until TWICE’s Dahyun opened the door.

Ryujin: But suddenly, Dahyun opened the door.

| ITZY/YouTube 

Ryujin immediately apologized to Dahyun for the mistake.

Ryujin:I’m sorry.”

| ITZY/YouTube 

But Ryujin’s shocking story wasn’t the only time ITZY has been confused by vans. Chaeryeong also once assumed a van had come to pick her up.

Chaeryeong: I also thought someone came to pick me up. And asked, “May I get in?

| ITZY/YouTube 

But after asking if she could enter, the driver gestured “no,” clearly showing that it wasn’t her van.

| ITZY/YouTube 

So Chaeryeong apologized quickly as well.

Chaeryeong: Oh, sorry.

| ITZY/YouTube 

Given how busy idols are and how early they go to the salons, ITZY definitely aren’t the only idols to have experienced understandable mistakes like this.

Source: ITZY

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