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Jackie Chan Kisses Leehom Wang: “You Are My Greatest Love”

Good friends, Leehom Wang (王力宏) and Jackie Chan (成龍), have a habit of locking lips when they are together. At Leehom’s concert in Shanghai yesterday, Jackie made a surprise appearance and kissed him on the lips.

Filming a movie nearby, Jackie took a break during dinner time to make an appearance at Leehom’s concert and present flowers. Surprised by Jackie’s sudden appearance on stage, Leehom screamed, “You scared me to death!” When Jackie puckered his lips, Leehom readily kissed him on the lips. Amid shrieks from the audience, Jackie said, “You are my greatest love; of course I had to come over. The fans love him, and I also love him.”

It was also noted that the electric guitar Leehom used at the concert was custom-made for him by Jackie’s arts studio.

Since collaborating on 2010’s Little Big Soldier <大兵小將>, Leehom and Jackie became close friends. Jackie was a frequent guest in Leehom’s concerts and liked to sing duets with him on stage. In Leehom’s Music-Man II in Hong Kong concert in 2012, Jackie also gave Leehom a kiss on the lips.

The friends have been there for each other’s milestones. When Jackie received the Lifetime Achievement Oscar award in 2016, Leehom and his wife, Lee Jinglei (李靚蕾), were also present at the ceremony.

Source: Kongwah

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