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Jacqueline Chong uses movie to describe her acting career

Jacqueline Chong (莊思敏) steps into the schooling industry lately and is invited by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (香港科技大學) as a guest. She shares her acting experiences and ups and downs encounters with the students.

Jacqueline expresses she has different work stations such as artiste, model and car racer. She invests into restaurants and nightclubs but acting remains as her favourite occupation. Jacqueline also uses movie to describe her life and hope the students find their own targets: “You need to know your goals and clear of your footsteps while walking. It is the same as filming a movie and you need to know the next scene. (Asking about her most memorable role character?) Definitely my role character in Heart and Greed 3 (溏心風暴3) drama as I roll my eyes and create my future as a result.”

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