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Jacqueline Wong buys a sports car: I have a big hole in my pocket now

Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) is exposed for buying a sports car at $1.2 million lately and revealed that she bought it to reward herself at an promotion activity: “My daddy advises me to buy a property first and I have a big hole in my pocket now.”

Her boyfriend, Kenneth Ma stood besides her and expressed that he needed to pay for his property and was trying hard too. When asked if they will try to save money while dating, Kenneth said: “It is unrelated. Eating dinner and watching movie do not need to spend lots of money. (Getting married?) I am very pitiful and still need to work very hard. Girls do not need to and leave it to the guys to do it.”

When Jacqueline mentioned that the first passenger was her father followed by her mother, Kenneth said: “I sit in her car before and it does not matter if I am the first passenger.”

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