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Jason Chan leaves TVB and accepts jobs by himself

Jason Chan shared his knowledge about public speaking and hosting at an event (第二十七屆香港金口獎) in Hung Hom on 29th July 2018.

As he left TVB, Jason had been looking for a new manager and starting to accept jobs by himself. It was considered a new try to him and Jason said: “Thank you to TVB for liaising about my work assignments. It is common that the clients try to reduce our fees regardless if we are in TVB and we will give them a little discount.”

When mentioned about his wife, Sarah Song (宋熙年) arranged a party before labour, Jason was worried about her health and left the decision to her in order to avoid showing his domineering side. He admitted he was an anxious husband and learned to relax lately: “But I will be shaking when she is in the labour room. I want to help the baby to take shower and may not dare to eventually.”

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