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Jay Chou’s Love Confession song exceeds billion click-through rate

On 2nd April 2018, Jay Chou (周杰倫) shared his joy about the click-through rate for his new song, Love Confession (告白氣球) exceeding billion on YouTube and deliberately left his message in English despite his English and French languages were frequently made fun of: “Thanks all my fans. Let’s go to 200M.” Many fans congratulated him and Jay asked them: “Any idea why I post in English? Well, to tell the Westerners that it is not only their MV exceeding billion.” Several fans commented it will be a frightening figure if China is allowed to use YouTube.

In addition, Jay has close ties with National Basketball Association (NBA), Jeremy Lin (林書豪) and uploads short video clip of playing basketball. In the video, he scores every goal and even tags Jeremy name. Is Jay issuing challenge to Jeremy? He said: “I worry I am too accurate and it is sufficient in this case. It is not luck but skill.” His wife, Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌) also supported Jay in slang words: “Accurate. Please do not and please do not.”

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