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Jazz Lam denies Kevin Cheng argues with the director at his wedding banquet

Jazz Lam (林子善) resumed his work immediately after holding his wedding banquet a few days ago. Mentioning about one of his brothers’ group member, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) got drunk and argued with the director and left with a black face at his wedding banquet during the promotion campaign for TVB (無綫) new series, Stealing Seconds (棟仁的時光) on 6th April 2018, Jazz denied it and was aware that Kevin left the venue happily. He said: “The reporter calls me about it in the next morning and I check with my brothers’ group and they say no. Perhaps they talk too loud only. I know Bob Lam (林盛斌) and Kevin are drinking happily and they may talk too loud at times. Anyway, no argument at all.”

Checking if Kenneth Ma (馬國明) helped Jazz to drink as he praised himself as a good drinker, Jazz said: “I do not feel it. Everyone knows when I propose toast on the stage and they should know they have to help me to drink when I go around to propose toast. He does not need to do it anyway and what should I do? He is my guest and is drinking tea over there. Kenneth is not a drinker and non smoker. He is a joker and replies that he smokes 3 packs of cigarettes when others ask him. I guess he does not really have the intention to drink on my behalf.”

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Lynn Hung is pointed to go for IVF; She is expecting baby daughter?

Thanks to Natalie Tong; Benjamin Yuen and Jazz Lam play with HeHe