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Jennifer Yu cheats on Carlos Chan? He confirms the separation news with teary eyes

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) joins showbiz for 15 years and finally gains some fame after filming TVB drama, Daddy Cool (逆緣) earlier. He dates his girlfriend, Jennifer Yu’s (余香凝) for nearly 4 years and it increases her popularity as a result. Both of them have been sharing their photos online frequently and Carlos even announced that he treated Jennifer as his marriage partner previously. Hence, they are perceived as a loving couple who will get married in the future. But out of a sudden, Jennifer was exposed for cheating on Carlos and when asked about it, Carlos admitted to the separation news and appeared helpless with his blood shot eyes. He emphasised it was a peaceful separation and Jennifer also confirmed the ended relationship news through her company.

Apparently, Carlos and Jennifer fell in love after filming Stepping Stones II (總有出頭天II) drama and she continued to stand by him when his career was at the low peak. Carlos promised to take care of her forever after a car accident and both treated their relationship seriously. He also hoped to buy an expensive jewellery around 6 digit at an opening ceremony of a jewellery store earlier.

However, Jennifer is pointed to have a third party and explain the separation details through the company: “Carlos and I have broken up and we come to this decision after sitting down. There is no third party at all. Victor is my friend and I know him since around 10 years old. I am opening a roast meat shop with 2 partners in end June and have a meeting with them at his house since I am travelling soon. I really do not want to affect others and please give us some privacy.”

In fact, Jennifer’s friend, Victor is a financial consultant and his previous occupation is an air steward. Based on understanding, he dates Dominic Ho’s (何浩文) old love, Candy Tong and a renowned model, Phoebe and ends the relationships after a short period of time.

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