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Jennifer Yu suffers from cyber bullying and it makes her stronger

Carlos Chan (陳家樂) and Jennifer Yu (余香凝) announced their 3 years relationship came to an end earlier. Jennifer was pointed as two-timer and the company emphasised that it reserved its legal right towards the culprit subsequently. However, some netizen left some nasty online comments to Jennifer and she shared photo of herself smiling while diving on Instagram on 23rd July 2018. She also posted a long emotional message:

“I am immune towards nasty comments and attacks now. I want to clarify that I am not trying to act positive but feel scared when feeling down. I know I must be brave as there is many people supporting and worrying about me. I must live for myself, my loved ones and believe what I know. It is meaningless and unnecessary to change myself because of some nasty comments and it only makes me stronger. I am a brave woman and believe people will see it if I do my part well. Cyber bullying is way too much and I hope people in similar situation will become strong too. Please remember your conscience is clear, find your happiness and live for yourself.”

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