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Jessica Hsuan gains weight after her Europe trip

Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) attended an activity (癌症資訊網慈善基金眾籌計劃) on 6th August 2018. She said: “There is many different types for treatments for cancer and it is less painful now. Having a positive mindset and determination help to fight against the illness and the doctor reveals there is cancer survivors from the fourth stage. Hence, having positive energy is important.”

Jessica revealed that she returned from Europe with Alex Fong (方中信) and others not long ago. When mentioned about Alex losing one luggage, she pointed they lost their luggages as well and only retrieved it on the following day. Although the luggages had some scratches, Jessica enjoyed the trip and visited many museums. She also gained 3 pound after eating pasta and pizza for 2 weeks: “I expect I gain little weight only and have to lose weight upon starting work. As my birthday falls on this month, I try to have lunch with my friends and have a small bite when cutting the birthday cake a few days ago.”

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