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Joel Chan defends Benjamin Yuen; He feels helpless as a celebrity

Joel Chan’s (陳山聰) good friend, Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) had an argument with the staff over a pack of nachos in the cinema on 25th April 2018. Joel defended Benjamin that he was a refined person and they kept in touch in group chat at a promotion campaign for Daddy Cool (逆緣) drama on 27th April 2018: “He talks softly and I guess he speaks up after tolerating for a long time. I told him to book the whole theatre with us and this is the outcome for getting a free ticket. Haha!”

Joel lamented artiste felt helpless upon recognised at the street and they were clueless at handling the situation: “Imagine if Ben is scolded for eating nachos when watching film. Once, I was parking the car but did not really understand the rules. Another car drove towards and threatened me by saying he recognised me. I felt helpless at the time and apologise to that driver. I know we feel stressed but can resolve it peacefully though.”

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