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Joel Chan feels helpless when Anthony Ho eats potato chips in front of him

Joel Chan (陳山聰) was filming TVB new series, The Killing from 18 Years Ago (十八年後的殺人告白) on 2nd July 2018. When mentioned about the deceased make-up artist’s (陳文輝) second son (陳志達) passed away due to acute pneumonia, Joel replied it was a pity: “Heard that (陳志達) was fine when contacting some colleagues a few days ago. It happened suddenly and (陳文輝) left last year. We feel very sad and many seniors accompany us to grow up together. I have an uncle who passed away 2 days ago and it is expected when one is growing old. Life is unpredictable and we must learn to accept the reality.”

Joel recalled he used to work together with (陳志達) when joining showbiz initially and praised he was professional and humorous: “He teaches me to draw eyebrow and we enjoy chatting to each other.” As he will be removing his top for the drama, Joel was currently restricting his diet and going for training but Anthony Ho (何遠東) kept eating potato chips in front of him when shooting a scene at a pub.

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