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Joey Yung encourages Wilfred Lau: You have tried your best

Joey Yung (容祖兒) and Wilfred Lau (劉浩龍) are rumoured to break up lately and have no responses until now. Joey was dressed in green colour top and suspected to record a video clip at his concert at night on 27th April 2018. She shared photo of Wilfred at the backstage while preparing his concert on Instagram but did not update their relationship status clearly.

Joey left a message: “All because of fate. It allows us to take photos, learn and support each other. Nobody is perfect and people give us marks based on what we are but fate shows us that person’s strengths and it is hard to find the loyalty in this line. He is a completely honest man and we get along happily. Of course, we may have some unhappy moment and please let us off. We have grown up and every relationship has a different stage. Regardless of the status, romance is not the most important. I am happy as long as you are happy. Wilfred, we can see you have tried your best and you have a long road in front of you. Please continue to work hard and show the audiences that it is worth for them to applause for you.”

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