Johnnie To calls movie king, Louis Koo as “Koo Qu Qu”?

Johnnie To (杜琪峯), Louis Koo (古天樂) and Kara Hui (惠英紅) attended the press conference of We Are From Fresh Wave 2018 (鮮浪潮‧語2018) at night on 21st April 2018. As Johnnie called Louis as “Koo Qu Qu” (古趣趣) on the stage, he explained the reason behind subsequently: “Louis is an interesting man and well loved by everybody.” He expressed he will look for Louis as long as there was a theme but worried about the increased fees after becoming movie king. When asked if he had congratulated Louis for his victory, Johnnie said: “Have to even if I dislike it. He has won it and there is good and bad points, but he makes lots of contributions to the movie industry though. We seldom see nice people as he even uses his own money to groom young directors.”

As for Louis, he kept working after winning Best Actor (最佳男主角) award in 37th Hong Kong Film Awards (金像獎頒獎禮) and did not have time to celebrate his victory until now. Mentioning about grooming new directors, Louis believed the movie industry needed new blood and Kara revealed she worked with several new directors previously. Louis said: “No new directors approach me to film movie. (Because of your high fees?) Nope. A good film should not talk about fees only and I will try to compromise if low budget.”

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