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Juliette Louie applies for a month leave and returns to Canada

Juliette Louie (雷莊𠒇) was present at the last recruitment drive for Ms Hong Kong Beauty Pageant at night on 22nd June 2018. She could not bear to leave her friends and colleagues as they took good care of her. Juliette revealed she had applied a month leave in July and planned to visit her boyfriend in Canada. She felt heart pain for her boyfriend who worked very hard and intended to cook shuizhu (水煮魚) to pacify him.

When asked about her marriage plan, Juliette smiled sweetly and said: “We did discuss it before and he needs to study for another 6 years. I am only 24 years old and do not want to settle down quickly. I also want to know if there is any changes when living in different countries after a year. Thus, I decide to put my work aside and follow my dream. Anyway, we can get married anytime.”

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