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Juliette Louie is returning to Canada; how many Ms Hong Kong leave TVB?

Juliette Louie (雷莊𠒇) announced that she will be returning to Canada to pursue her dream in September during an interview after TVB show (萬眾同心公益金) at night on 27th May 2018. Her contract with TVB is supposed to end in December and it is believed that TVB does not try to retain Juliette.

Based on the usual practice, TVB arranges the champion of Ms Hong Kong to participate in world beauty pageants representing Hong Kong and attend charity activities for the first year and film drama thereafter. Although most champions will renew their contracts, but some choose to leave and TVB allows them to leave in the first year.

Edelweiss Cheung (張舒雅) was the champion of 2008 Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant and perceived as the hot favourite. She is the tallest Ms Hong Kong standing at 180cm tall based on the information. However, she rejected to attend all events by giving sickness as the reason and it included Miss World beauty pageant and Miss Chinese International Pageant. The reporters also discovered she patronised the entertainment centres frequently and it angered TVB as a result. Edelweiss was suspended from all work and “frozen” as well. Hence, 2009 Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant was postponed and she decided to venture into modelling industry after a year.

Robin Lee (李美珊) won the title of Miss Hong Kong 1986 and graduated with a Master’s Degree from the university in New York. At the point, she was the first Ms Hong Kong with Master’s Degree and rejected to sign contract with TVB due to pursuing her studies in US. Robin is currently a member of Wai Yin Association (慧妍雅集) and stays in overseas, but she returns to Hong Kong to attend events at times.

Vivian Lau (劉慧蘊) is the champion of 2000 Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant and won many awards such as Miss Photogenic and Miss International Goodwill. However, she rejected to renew contract with TVB and it included the First Runner-Up, Margaret Kan (簡佩堅) and Second Runner-Up, Maree Lau (劉嘉慧). It is considered a rare case that 3 Miss Hong Kong choose to leave TVB.

Tiffany Lam (林敏俐) held the title of Miss Hong Kong 2002 and her cousin, Sandy Lau (劉倩婷) was the champion of 2009 Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant. Based on the news reported at the time, she completed 3 years of the course in US when participating in the beauty pageant and left TVB due to pursuing her studies. It was rumoured that Tiffany had to manage her deceased father’s (林國光) business and he was a renowned publisher of the magazine, Lung Fu Pao (龍虎豹) in Hong Kong. She also needed to take care of her mother and sister in US.

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