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Juliette Louie rejects to stay in TVB and return to Canada in September

Juliette Louie (雷莊𠒇) is crowned as the champion for 2017 Ms Hong Kong beauty pageant. She performs Chinese dance in TVB show (萬眾同心公益金) at TV City and does her job such as attending charity events as Ms Hong Kong. Juliette said during an interview with HK01 (香港01): “My contract with TVB is supposed to end in December but I want to develop my career in Canada quickly and return to there in September instead. My ambition is to become an actress and I try acting before the beauty pageant. I also talk about trying Hollywood during the pageant and hopefully I can follow my dream.”

Based on the previous records, the champion of Ms Hong Kong usually debuts into acting after completing the duties. When asked about refusing to give an additional year to herself, Juliette admitted it depended on the money: “I get to earn additional income in overseas and it is less suffering. I am not referring to the acting field but really anxious to do something else. I will definitely do it if there is job for me on the following day.”

The public commented Juliette did not look gorgeous and suspect there was a foul play when she emerged as the champion last year. Subsequently, she became the “public enemy” online. Perhaps she decides to move elsewhere due to the problems with interacting with Hong Kong people and accepting the culture. Juliette said: “Slightly. In fact, I do understand Hong Kong’s culture as I grow up here since small. I guess most likely…… You will get into trouble regardless of the reason. I try acting for a year after graduated and still prefer acting after staying her for a year. I love to film action films, want to fight just like Jackie Chan (成龍) and there is more opportunities in overseas.”

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