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K-Pop Fan Describes The Extreme Abuse She Suffered To ATEEZ’s Wooyoung, Sparking A Heated Debate About Fan-Call Boundaries

For many fans, K-Pop can be something that gets them through the hard times and is a source of comfort. This applies to the K-Pop idols themselves as well.  Many idols are very friendly and talk openly about their own emotions in a way that seems like you are talking to a friend.

During one of ATEEZ‘s “Guerilla” comeback fan-calls, a fan took the opportunity to share with Wooyoung how they felt that the group had saved their life during a hard time. Idols often hear words like this and are told they are a source of happiness for their fans, so this was not out of the ordinary at first. The fan then used a QR code to share a letter written in Korean that Wooyoung was able to read right then and there.

The letter went into detail about the horrific things the fan had experienced including depictions of abuse some might find triggering.


The reason why some fans may feel like they are able to trauma dump and share extremely personal details with idols is because of the way that idol-fan relationships can feel much closer and more personal than they really are. These fans forget that they are a stranger to the idol because of the one-sided bonds that can form with K-pop groups.

In spite of this, many mental health professionals believe that trauma dumping is something that should not be done without permission even between close friends.

Fans suggest that instead of using idols to cope with the trauma you may be going through, to instead seek out professional help and keep their experiences with their idols positive so as to not add to their already full plates. Telling an idol that their music made an impact on your life is something that is still encouraged, just not in the great detail fans sometimes go into during their meet & greets and fan-calls.





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